Mini Performance

With years of experience building and modifying Mini engines we can help you to get the best out of your engine.


Lynn Rogers is an expert on modifying and building mini engines that are reliable and make the right power for your application. Ranging from reliable road motors that are easy to live with, through to full race motors for circuit racing, we can build an engine to suit your particular  needs.


Rare Head Repairs

We are able to repair Heads after major damage has occured. The photo above shows a Cosworth BDA head that had dropped some valves and punched holes through the top of the head. This is repaired with welding and skilled machining to reclaim guide bores and install and cut new seats. In the case of rare historical engines like these a full repair and improvement to porting and chambers etc will cost less than buying a new replacement casting from overseas. Get in touch to see if we can do economic repairs to your rare cylinder head.

Special Interest Engines

We get enthusiastic about one of a kind engine builds. By applying modern engineering technology and materials to historic or rare engines we can make your vintage, historic, classic or rare engine run better than new. We have had some very special engines in the shop recieving our attention in the past including a very rare Bugatti Inline 8, an Offenhauser Indy Car Engine, Lamborghini V12s (pictured) and almost any other make of engine you can think of.