Cylinder Head Development
Developing heads to match the required application is our specialty. The combination of our Flow Bench, Cam Doctor, Valve Seat Machines and Porting knowledge provide us with the ability to produce the desired result for your engine. The use of quality parts helps to keep your performance or race engine working better for longer. 
  • Cylinder Head Overhaul
  • Flow Testing
  • Seat Cutting
  • Porting and Polishing
  • Inlet and Exhaust System Design and Development
  • Cam Selection
  • Valve Spring Upgrades
  • Custom Fabrication Services 
  • Compression Ratio Adjustment
  • Repair of damaged heads
Engine Reconditioning Machining

We can offer machining services to get your engine parts in top shape whether old or new.


  • Part Cleaning

  • Inspection and Crack Testing

  • Measuring and Checkfitting

  • Compression Ratio Measurement

  • Line Boring and Tunnel Correction

  • Cylinder Head and Block Skimming

  • Conrod Sizing and Alignment

  • Boring and Honing

  • Piston Designing 

  • Rod Designing

Engine Building and Rebuilding


We provide a premium engine building service that ensures every part is measured and fitted to work at its best. When we dissassemble and assemble an engine you can be sure that every part is inspected, machined, washed and assembled with care and attention to detail to ensure your performance or race engine is reliable and efficient.